Decisions, Decisions - Modeling Kits and Materials

Adler Models: U.S. Willys MB Jeep Accessories (AD35055)
Alliance Modelworks: Spraying Stencils U.S. Vehicle Markings (LW35018)
Armorscale: 37mm M6 Ammo for Greyhound Gun (A35-028)
Eduard: Jeep Willys photoetch (qty. 2) (#35347)
Eduard: M-4 Sherman Tank photoetch (35351)
Eduard: M-8 Greyhound photoetch (35200)
Eduard: Willys Jeep SAS photoetch (#35797)
Friulmodel: Sherman T48 type (#ATL-48)
Hudson & Allen Studio: C-Rations, U.S. Army (1111)
Legend Productions: Willys MB Accessory Set
Tamiya: Allied Vehicles Accessory Set (229)
Tamiya: Jeep Willys MB (qty. 2) (219)
Tamiya: M4A3 Sherman w/ 105mm Howitzer (251)
Tamiya: M8 Light Armoured Car Greyhound (228)
Tamiya: Military Miniatures U.S. Infantry Weapons Set (121)
Verlinden: M8 Interior & Exterior Update Set (1453)
Verlinden: Staff Maps, Road Maps, etc. (0013)
Voyager Model: Browning M2HB GP Machine Gun (VBS0201)

ARV Club: 8.8cm L/56 Ammunition (AF-35087)
ARV Club: 7.5cm L/46 Ammunition (AF-35085)
Evergreen Scale Models: tile sheet styrene (church floor) (4505)
Evergreen Scale Models: Styrene
Griffon Model: 3.7cm Flak Shell Cases (MA35008)
Historex: Useful Things (30350)
Hudson & Allen: Slate Shingles (9887)
Metal tubing
Mig: European Street Lamp (qty. 2) (MP 35-175)
Pegasus: Hobbies Sandbags (5194)
Plus Model: Fuel-Stock Equipment Germany WWII (115)
Reality in Scale: Religious Stained Glass Windows (35064)
Royal Model: German Damaged Oil Drums WWII (618)
Royal Model red bricks (291)
Verlinden: 88mm Ammo Cases (1102)
Verlinden: Bridge System (qty. 2) (1589)
Verlinden: Church Ruin (qty. 2) (1579) (Also used for debris)
Verlinden: Cobblestone street section (qty 3.) (1145)
Verlinden: Propaganda Posters (0014)
Voyager Model: Shells for 20mm Kwk 30/38
Voyager Model: Shells for 3.7cm Flak

FIGURE KITS and ACCESSORIES: Alpine Miniatures: 3rd AD “Spearhead” #2 (35155)
Alpine Miniatures: WW2 US Infantry Set (35171)
Alpine Miniatures: WW2 US Infantry #1 (35108)
Alpine Miniatures: WW2 US Infantry #2 (35109)
Archer: U.S. Armor Division Patches (FG35019)
Archer: U.S. Army Rank Patches (FG35017)
Gunze Sangyo: Civilian Figure Set (2)
Lead foil for straps
Legend: US M8 Greyhound Crew Set
MK35 Models: Priest (F106)
Platoon: Civilian Old Man (PT-039)
Royal Model: U.S. Infantry at rest with rifle (659)
Royal Model: U.S. Infantry Engineer Combat Regiment (190)
Royal Model: U.S. Infantry Rifleman with Canteen (164)
Royal Model: U.S. Sherman Crew (195)
Three Sherman Tankers (A French manufacturer, I couldn’t find their name on the box) (N35017)
Sovereign 2000: European civilian leaning (S2KW024)
Squadron Products: U.S. Inf. Wounded WWII (CD4017)
Tamiya: M8 Light Armoured Car Greyhound (used figure from kit) (228)
Tech Star: Axis Straps, Weapons Slings and Eye-glasses (TC 1037)
Verlinden: German Infantry Equipment WWII (1312)
Verlinden: Soldier Skeletons (2019)

Vehicles: Tamiya acrylics, Mr. Hobby acrylics and oil paints / Mig filters, washes and pigments.

Figures: Vallejo and Mr. Hobby acrylics and oil paints / Mig filters, washes and pigments.

Diorama Base: Insulation foam and semi-gloss acrylic gel with Mig pigments / Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics and oil paints / Mig filters, washes and pigments / Woodland Scenics tallus and ballast of mixed sizes and colors / Woodland Scenics Earth Colors / Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and Water Effects

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