The Dacian Wars - Modeling Kits and Materials

Figure Kits:
Pegaso Models: 75-104 Roman Centurion 1st century A.D.
Pegaso Models: 75-109 Roman Legionary: Dacian Wars 101-106 A.D.
Pegaso Models: 75-110 Dacian Warrior 101-106 A.D.

Diorama Kits:
Woodland Scenics Five Pine Trees (TK23)

Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics, Hobby Color, printer’s ink (a MUST for armor) Mig filters and washes, oil paint. Archer eyes. Only works on this scale for me.

Noch grass / Plumosa Fern (scene factory), Woodland Scenics rock molds w/ Hydrocal and “painted” with Timberline Scenic co. Rock Rite, Joefix Studio grass, Hudson and Allen debris. Etc.

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