Clean-up Crew - Modeling Kits and Materials

Black Dog: Carro armato accessories set (T35005)
Black Dog: Semovente M40-75 accessories set (T35004)
Eduard: Express Mask German Crosses 1 Early (XT 001)
Eduard Models: Armor- Sd. Kfz. 222 (EDU35548)
E.T. Models: WWII British Matilda Mk. III/IV (E35-012)
Friulmodel: M11/39 M13/40 Semovente (ATL-18) x2
Friulmodel: Matilda flat type (ATL-71)
RB Models: 2m antenna for military vehicles (35A02)
RB Models: 2cm KwK 30 Barrel for all PzII (35B25)
Royal Model: Carro armato M13/40 & M40 (596)
Royal Model: Sd. Kfz. 222 photoetch (325)
Royal Model: Stowage carro armato M13/40 (602)
Tamiya: Italian Medium Tank Carro Armato M13/40 (35296)
Tamiya: Italian Self-Propelled Gun Semovente M40 (35294)
Tamiya: Matilda Mk.III/IV (35300)
Tamiya: Sd. Kfz.222 Leichter Panzerspähwagen 44 Afrika-Korps (35286)
Voyager Model: WWII British Matilda Mk. III/IV (PE 35300)

Aber: Glasses & Watches for German, US, British, Russian soldiers (A124)
Alpine: WW2 Italian AFV Crew Set (35124)
Archer: DAK Shoulder Boards (FG35052A)
Archer: DAK Uniform Patches (FG35054A)
Archer: German Fire Extinguisher Placards (AR35266)
Archer: Heer Shoulder Boards (FG35045A)
Archer: Heer Uniform Patches for Panzer Crews (FG35051A)
Hobby Fan: WWII German Sd. Kfz 263 Afrika Korps Crew (HF-721)
Hornet: Heads for Italian WW2 AFV Crewman and Motorcyclist (HIH02)
Hornet: Italian Tank Officer WW2 (SC 2)
Hornet: Italian Semovente/Tank Driver WW2 (SC 5)
Miniart: British Tank Crew (35078)
Tamiya: Military Miniatures DAK German Arfika Korps (35314)
Tech Star: Axis Straps, Weapons Slings and Eye-glasses (TC 1037)
Verlinden German Slings WWII (2509)

Vehicles: Tamiya acrylics, Mr. Hobby acrylics and oil paints / Mig filters, washes and pigments.
Figures: Vallejo and Mr. Hobby acrylics and oil paints / Mig filters, washes and pigments.
Diorama Base: Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics and oil paints / Gail Force 9-Master basing kit / Joe Fix studio grass tufts / Mig filters, washes and pigments / Vallejo Ground Texture: Grey Sand / Woodland Scenics tallus and ballast of mixed sizes and colors.

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